Lenovo and Google finish their Tango (phone). Should you join in?

Google's Tango was playing hard to get -- but eventually, Lenovo captured its heart.

Today, you can finally order the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the first phone with Google's 3D-sensing Tango camera technology at its core. It measures objects just by looking at them. It's the phone that could let you see how a new piece of furniture might actually fit in your home, or play advanced Pokemon Go-like augmented reality games in the real world.

And unlike some augmented reality products, the Phab 2 Pro isn't just a developer kit. It's an actual consumer-grade phone with upper midrange specs, a huge 6.4-inch screen and a big battery, all for a relatively competitive price ($499).

But Google now says the Phab 2 Pro is just the first of many Tango phones headed to market in 2017 -- so now may not be the best time to join in.


The rose still has thorns

I'm not evaluating the Phab 2 Pro as a phone. It could be an excellent Android phone with stellar battery life and a great camera, but I don't know for sure. (I can tell you right now that the glass-and-metal chassis feels high-quality, but we'll save the rest for our full review.)